ARF Board to Develop New Brand Reflective of Organization’s Continued Growth and Evolution

Walnut Creek, CA – (Mar. 06, 2023) After more than three decades of successful partnership, the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) announced today that the organization and Tony La Russa have agreed to part ways, marking ARF’s evolution and response to today’s challenges in animal welfare. Expressing its independent identity, in the coming year ARF will create a new brand to reflect the organization’s values, mission, and vision.  

“We take this path with gratitude for all the La Russa family has contributed to ARF’s advancement and extend our warmest wishes for success in their future endeavors. At the same time, we’re tremendously excited about ARF’s expansion and new directions,” said CEO Susan Lee Vick.

ARF is conducting strategic planning with staff, volunteers, and partners, exploring issues such as making veterinary care affordable to all, investing in animal welfare educational and vocational opportunities, and growing its rescue and adoption services.

“Our core work will continue, so everyone will still be able to find their new best friend on ARF’s adoption floor,” Vick said. “But like all industries, animal welfare needs constantly change and practices must respond. ARF is positioning to meet today’s new challenges.”

“ARF’s Board is extremely impressed by the results staff and volunteers achieve every day, while constantly rising to new challenges,” said Board President Gregory L. McCoy. “This organization has never been stronger. We look forward to ARF’s next lifesaving, life-enriching innovations.”

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