Compassionate and skilled veterinarians and technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to safely surgically sterilize thousands of dogs and cats each year using the highest standards of care. 

Given limited appointment availability, we are focused on offering spay and neuter to low income residents of Contra Costa County.

Our clinic has seen an increase in demand for our limited appointments. We are currently booked up to 12 weeks in advance. Please view other spay and neuter resources for your pet’s needs.

Our Lynn & Dolores McCoskey Spay and Neuter Clinic is located at our Walnut Creek headquarters and is open by appointment to qualifying pet guardians. We also offer affordable spay/neuter surgeries on-board the 33′ long Stephen Ball Mobile Clinic at scheduled events. 

We offer special services to Veterans through our Veteran veterinary wellness clinics. For inquiries looking for additional veterinary care please refer to our veterinary assistance programs.


Credit or debit cards and cash are accepted. Payment is due at the time of services. No checks, please. 

Spay (Female)Neuter (Male)
Common Canine Club
(Currently Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd Dog, and Siberian Husky mixes)

Please note that English bulldogs, French bulldogs, and dogs heavier than 100 pounds are not eligible for our spay and neuter services, as these dogs have a significantly higher risk when undergoing anesthetic procedures. Please see a full-service veterinary hospital to pursue specialized anesthesia.

Common Canine Club

Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd Dog, and Siberian Husky mixes are currently the most common types of dogs seen shelters. Due to their number, size, and overall needs, they tend to spend more time waiting in shelters, which is not ideal for dogs who need regular mental and physical stimulation. Sterilization can also help with many behavioral and health issues. To help prevent unplanned litters and for the benefit of these dogs, Joybound offers a discount program towards spay/neuter procedures.


  • Guardian must be a resident of Contra Costa County.
  • Dog must be (or look like) a Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd Dog, or Siberian Husky. This is determined at the discretion of our veterinarians.
  • Must be an owned dog. This pricing is not available for rescue groups, foster organizations, shelter animals, or stray dogs.
  • Must meet all other surgery requirements.

This discount only applies to spay/neuter fees – other fees will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Charges for Non-Standard Surgeries

Additional charges apply to non-standard surgeries or additional services, including: 

  • Cryptorchid males (testicles not down): $100 (dogs) $40 (cats)
  • Brachycephalic dog/cat breeds: $150
  • Umbilical hernia repair: $100

Included Services

  • Microchipping (email address required to register)
  • Elizabethan collars for dogs (as necessary for cats)*
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear canal check
  • Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory (NSAIDS) medication for dogs

*Unfortunately, the mobile clinic vehicle’s limited space prevents us from providing e-collars, but clinics are normally parked outside of Pet Food Express, which has e-collars for sale if needed.

Surgery Eligibility

Pet Guidelines for Spay/Neuter

  • Pets must be healthy and not displaying any signs of disease. If your animal has a chronic medical condition, notify our clinic in advance. Our veterinarians will need to review medical records to determine if our clinic can serve your pet.
  • Dogs must be between 17 weeks and 4 years of age. 
  • Cats must be between 17 weeks and 7 years of age.
  • Must weigh at least 2 pounds and no more than 100 pounds. For mobile clinics, pet must weigh no more than 40 pounds due to space limitations on the vehicle.
  • Bring proof of current distemper combo and rabies vaccination within one year. The vaccine requirement applies to all animals, including those that are indoor only and who may not have had the full set of vaccines. 
  • Some brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds of dogs and cats may be altered at our veterinary facilities in Walnut Creek. No brachycephalic breeds are accepted on-board the mobile clinics. English and French Bulldogs are not eligible for any of our spay and neuter services, as these breeds have a significantly higher risk when undergoing anesthetic procedures. Please see a full-service veterinary hospital to pursue specialized anesthesia.

Our veterinarian may disqualify any animal if they determine the animal is not medically sound for surgery.

Pre- and Post-op Care

  • All animals must be fasted (no food) by midnight the night before surgery. This is an important safety precaution, as animals can inhale vomit while under anesthesia.
  • Dogs must be on leash; cats must be in a carrier (no traps). If you have an appointment for multiple cats, they each need their own carrier.
  • Guardians must bring proof of current rabies and distemper vaccinations. No vaccinations or preoperative blood testing will be provided.
  • Follow-up care will not be provided by Joybound. Guardians will be sent home with detailed post-op care instructions.

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