The animals listed here are looking for new guardians directly from members of the public. This is a referral service only; provided as a courtesy to help caregivers rehome their pets. These animals are not housed at Joybound and have not been seen or evaluated by Joybound. All arrangements to meet these animals must be made directly with their guardians. We make no claims and accept no responsibility as to the pet’s health or temperament and cannot be held liable for any outcomes resulting from adoption. 

The animal’s caregiver provides the description and photographs, and they determine the adoption process and fee. Joybound is unable to provide space at our adoption center for introductions.

If you need to find a new guardian for your pet, please see our rehoming guide and complete Joybound’s animal rehoming form. We offer free, 30-day listings. Be prepared to upload a clear, well-lit photo of your pet. Someone from our team will be in contact with you within five business days.

  • Bella


    4 years old, 110 pounds, Moraga. Bella is a 4YO Mastiff Mix who we affectionately call ‘Horse Dog’. She is a big girl, but incredibly gentle with people and kids. She is always excited, eager to give you a kiss, …

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  • Luna Marie

    Luna Marie

    2 years old, 60 pounds, Lathrop. Luna Marie is 60 lbs and will be 2 yrs old in July. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on all vaccines. Luna was rescued from a shelter when we fell in …

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  • Lucy


    4 years old, 65 pounds, Cloverdale. Lucy is a healthy, spayed, 65-pound, 4-year-old German shepherd current on all vaccinations and housetrained. She has a warm relationship with her owner who has had her 2 years now. Her female owner sadly …

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  • Greta


    8 years, 11 pounds, Alameda Greta is a curious and confident girl who likes to keep her people in sight. If you sit down, she will quickly find her way to your side. She takes her daily patrol duties seriously, …

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  • Echo


    8 years old, 70 pounds, Oakley. Echo is a good dog, he would do best in a home with other large dogs. He is full of energy and personality. Echo loves doing zoomies every chance he gets. He loves going …

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  • Shadow


    8 years old, Antioch. Hi! My name’s Shadow. A sweet cat that’s in need of a loving home because my human relocated and was unable to take me with her. I had a canine brother so I’m familiar with dogs. …

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  • Woody & Emilio

    Woody & Emilio

    8 years old, 8 pounds, Danville (Emilio).5 years old, 10 pounds, Danville (Woody) Emilio and Woody are incredibly loved members of our family. They have both been with us since they were kittens and are loving and playful. They have …

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  • Robin


    2 years old, 70 pounds, Concord. Robin is a curious sweetheart, she loves cuddling, playing and exploring. She is a gentle giant and gets along great with dogs, small dogs included, and would love to be in a home with …

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  • Tonks


    8½ years old, 30 lbs, Martinez. Tonks is a sweet and silly mutt that would love nothing more than to curl up on the couch or bed in a blanket sandwich next to her favorite people. While she is not …

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  • Lala


    4 years old, 58 pounds, Danville We adopted beautiful Lala in September 2023 from Oakland Animal Services. Lala is a small, 58-pound pitbull made of PURE LOVE. She’s attentive, affectionate, and has shown to be trainable. She’s also house trained …

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  • Grape


    1½ years old, 11 pounds, San Francisco. Say hello to Grape, the inquisitive and clever Siamese cat, always ready to charm you with his friendly and playful nature. 🐾 He’s always up for a play session with the occasional burst …

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  • Stormi


    2 years old, 50 pounds, Richmond. Stormi is almost 2 and about 50 pounds. She is an amazing, clever, beautiful dog who has two modes: puppy energy and cuddle bug who just wants to be with you. Stormi loves people. …

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