The animals listed here are looking for new guardians directly from members of the public. This is a referral service only; provided as a courtesy to help caregivers rehome their pets. These animals are not housed at Joybound and have not been seen or evaluated by Joybound. All arrangements to meet these animals must be made directly with their guardians. We make no claims and accept no responsibility as to the pet’s health or temperament and cannot be held liable for any outcomes resulting from adoption. 

The animal’s caregiver provides the description and photographs, and they determine the adoption process and fee. Joybound is unable to provide space at our adoption center for introductions.

If you need to find a new guardian for your pet, please see our rehoming guide and complete Joybound’s animal rehoming form. We offer free, 30-day listings. Be prepared to upload a clear, well-lit photo of your pet. Someone from our team will be in contact with you within five business days.

  • Bella


    4 years old, 110 pounds, Moraga. Bella is a 4YO Mastiff Mix who we affectionately call ‘Horse Dog’. She is a big girl, but incredibly gentle with people and kids. She is always excited, eager to give you a kiss, …

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  • Hercules


    7 years old, 95 pounds, Walnut Creek. Meet Hercules, a sweet giant and gentle protector with a heart of gold. This affectionate dog is dedicated to safeguarding our chickens and does so with a watchful eye and a loving demeanor. …

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  • Woody & Emilio

    Woody & Emilio

    8 years old, 8 pounds, Danville (Emilio).5 years old, 10 pounds, Danville (Woody) Emilio and Woody are incredibly loved members of our family. They have both been with us since they were kittens and are loving and playful. They have …

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  • Ginger


    8 years old, 60 pounds, San Rafael. We are really hoping to find a wonderful home for this sweet, beautiful dog, Ginger. She is an Australian Cattle dog mix of some sort, guessing around 60 lbs. Ginger is around 8 …

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  • Luna & Blue

    Luna & Blue

    9 years old (each), Richmond. We are moving out of the country and need to find another loving home for our adorable rabbits. We adopted Luna and Blue from Rabbit Ears in 2015. Luna is a gray, mini-rex female and …

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  • Toby


    3 years old, 60 pounds, Antioch. Toby is a 3 year old Dalmation. He is active, very affectionate, potty trained and crate trained. Toby is very chill but does need his exercise. He is good with small dogs and female …

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  • Robin


    2 years old, 70 pounds, Concord. Robin is a curious sweetheart, she loves cuddling, playing and exploring. She is a gentle giant and gets along great with dogs, small dogs included, and would love to be in a home with …

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  • Reeses


    10 years old, 17 pounds, Walnut Creek. Meet Reeses, a delightful 10-year-old indoor cat who has been an exceptional companion and pet. This affectionate feline is calm, good with other cats, and loves engaging with toys and a tree scratcher. …

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  • Tank & Smokey

    Tank & Smokey

    3 years old (each), 16 pounds (each), Brentwood. Meet Tank and Smokey, an inseparable bonded pair of cats who share an incredible connection and thrive in each other’s company. Tank is an orange tabby, while Smokey is a Siames mix. …

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  • Kiki


    12 years old, Concord. Currently, Kiki is residing in a home with two dogs, which has caused her significant stress and anxiety. She is desperately seeking a quieter environment where she can feel safe and comfortable. It’s important for her …

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  • Neko


    9 years old, Pacheco. Meet Neko, a sweet and gentle 9-year-old cat looking for a loving home. While initially reserved, Neko transforms into an affectionate companion once she feels at ease. Accustomed to being the sole pet, she now navigates …

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  • Shiro


    1 year old, 28 lbs, Oakley. Shiro is a little fur ball of energy, always looking for someone to play with. He loves human company and other fur babies. He needs a home that can give him the love and …

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