Panna [formerly Missoula] was found on the streets of Stockton, CA. She was plucked from the shelter by the wonderful folks at ARF. My husband spotted her ears on the adoption page and sent me her photo. I immediately filled out an application and we were approved later that day. Panna is a complete sweetheart and loves every single human that she meets. She is particularly fond of children though. Hoping when social distancing isn’t required anymore that we can perhaps do some sort of therapy work with her and visit children and elderly folks who need some cheering up.

– Suzie

We read Panna’s (Missoula’s) bio on the website, but there was no photo. The next day, her photo was up and my husband sent me her picture. Couldn’t help but notice her ears. HER EARS! I filled out the application, but had second thoughts about adopting a dog without meeting first (due to pandemic). I “accidentally” submitted the application anyway. The phone rang and a very nice man told me a little bit about Panna (Missoula) and we decided to proceed with the adoption. BEST DECISION EVER! Panna is the sweetest dog and absolutely loves all humans. Her favorite humans are children though. She makes so many people smile and point (because of her ears). She goes on lots of car rides, adventures, and is going on her first vacation with us to Mendocino in September. Thank you so much for allowing Panna to be a part of our family.”

– Suzie

“Couldn’t help but notice her ears. HER EARS!”

Suzie, ARF Adopter

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