“I vividly remember him being in the upstairs room on a desk when he gently extended his paw towards us and let out a very weak, crackly meow.”

This positive, welcoming, “best paw forward” nature is how young, tuxedo-coated Pine greets people – including the Joybound staff who were decked out in hazmat gear as part of the rescue effort in Hollister in March.

He appreciated gentle pets as he was given an initial health assessment. Like most of the animals there, he was dehydrated, malnourished, dirty, and afflicted with fleas – but luckily didn’t require emergency care. Still, his journey to a happy, healthy future was just beginning.

Once back at Joybound, our clinic examined him more thoroughly. Weighing only five pounds, Pine was discovered to have worms in his stool, gingivitis, and a severe upper respiratory infection (URI) with frequent bloody nasal discharge, sneezing, and wheezing. He was prescribed multiple medications, which would be followed by dental surgery once his health improved.

One of his Joybound rescuers, Karima, was so taken by his winning purr-sonality that she brought Pine home to foster him during his recovery. He remained super sweet and extremely affectionate, even while accepting his various treatments throughout the day and multiple baths to try and remove the smell of cigarette smoke that clung to him.

To Karima’s endless delight, he soon began jumping onto her shoulders and hanging out while sustaining a loud, powerful purr. His playful mannerisms reminded her more of a dog than a cat – including playing “fetch” with balls!

Although the stubborn respiratory infection took two months to heal, Pine’s affectionate nature shone through the entire time.

As his symptoms began to subside, she also took steps to introduce him to her dog, Phoebe. The two became fast friends: playing with each other, lounging in the sun side by side, and Pine even took on the task of keeping the pup’s fur well-groomed.

Finally, he received his much-needed dental treatment from our expert veterinary team, including full mouth x-rays and a 90-minute surgery to extract seven teeth. Because he had to have so many teeth removed, his tongue often sticks out to create silly, yet endearing, facial expressions.

For post-op recovery, Pine returned to the care of his adoring foster mom, Karima… who determined she absolutely had to have him in her life. As soon as our veterinary team cleared him for adoption, she officially made him part of her family. Their mutual bond continues to bring joy to both their lives.

Pine is equally infatuated with his canine big sister. He would always be waiting at the door for Phoebe to return from walks to greet her with a nose boop, so Karima got him his own harness so they now go on walks together!

“He is one of the most social critters I’ve encountered. If he’s not lounging or playing with Phoebe, he’s on my shoulders or in my lap – he even follows me into the shower each morning while the water is running just to hang out.”

From their first meeting with proffered paw, Pine and Karima may have been bound to be together. Like his namesake tree, Pine had taken root in Karima’s heart, and their connection only continues to grow bigger and stronger.

After facing an uncertain future, Pine was given a second chance at a life full of love to share with his new family.

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