We adopted Addison (now Lacey) and Audrey (now Bella) on June 5. I picked them up from ARF in Walnut Creek on June 5th. They were born on April 5. They were very sweet right from the start and watched me all the way on the ride home. 

They loved their home right from the start. Exploring, running, sleeping, playing, purring, and loving to be held and petted. Both have had very good appetites and have doubled in size already. Their follow-up at VCA Encina in WC, recommended by ARF, went very well. ARF is my favorite animal adoption place.

All my counselors were very kind and helpful. ARF has an equal love of animals and people. Making my connections with them always a pleasant experience. I had contacted several animal agencies and they were not as friendly, on top of things, nor helpful and in the end, it was ARF who came through! I recommend them highly! They will be my go-to whenever I am looking for a pet. Even during the coronavirus-you were very organized in virtual adoption, in animal pick up and follow up! Thank you, ARF! You are doing a great work for animals and people!

– Robin

“Thank you, ARF! You are doing a great work for animals and people!”

Robin, ARF ADopter

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