This story was so random but so perfect all at once. It was an early morning and my mom was on her iPad looking on Facebook and whatnot, and all of a sudden she said ARF has puppies!! We had to be at ARF right away because it was a first come first serve process. So we hoped in the car and headed over as fast as we legally could and made it just in time.

I had my eye on one of the puppies who was black and white because she was calm and a girl. Someone ended up adopting her, but I say it was the best happening because the only other girl was the one! I really didn’t know or care what size she was estimated to be because she was so perfect and a cute little baby! It all happened so quick, but now almost 4 years later I have the world’s greatest friend.

Her name when I adopted her was Virginia, but when I looked at her I knew it she was going to be my Honey! Since then I realize we have so many names for her its ridiculous: Hunbun, Honblonners, Blon, Googoo blon, Hinbin, Baby Blon, Blutters haha! Best decision of my life hands down. It was crazy having a puppy that was 12 pounds that ended up being a whopping 90 pounds, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about her and how she came into my life. Thank you, ARF for the greatest friend I could ever ask for! :]

– Shelby

“Thank you, ARF for the greatest friend I could ever ask for!”

Shelby, ARF Adopter

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