• Adoption Update – Pine

    Adoption Update – Pine

    After facing an uncertain future, Pine was given a second chance at a life full of love to share with his new family.

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  • The Road to 50,000 Adoptions

    The Road to 50,000 Adoptions

    No matter where they come from, every animal who leaves the Joybound campus embarks on a joyful new chapter. While many faced uncertain futures earlier in their lives, it’s all smiles from here. Some go on to become Pet Hug …

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  • Adoption Update – Odie

    Adoption Update – Odie

    “We’ve been wanting to bring a fur friend into our family but after a scary experience with off-leash dogs …”

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  • Adoption Update – Finn

    Adoption Update – Finn

    “With two girl rescues at home, it was time to add a baby brother to the mix, so I came to ARF in search of a boy puppy & found “Cucumber” …”

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  • Adoption Update – Stephanie

    Adoption Update – Stephanie

    “After the passing of my previous pet I rescued, the house felt very sad and empty. When the time felt right, I came to Arf (where my family …”

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  • Adoption Update – Gigi

    Adoption Update – Gigi

    “February of 2020, I decided to get myself a Valentine in the form of a dog. After visiting ARF 3 times, I finally met Gigi …”

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  • Adoption Update – Scout

    Adoption Update – Scout

    “Scout [formerly Stormtrooper] is super playful & very social. Loves his toys and MEALS. He gets so excited at mealtime …”

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  • Adoption Update – Phil

    Adoption Update – Phil

    “We adopted Phil in April, and he has settled into our home beautifully! He’s really come out of his shell in the last couple ….”

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  • Adoption Update – Sabrina

    Adoption Update – Sabrina

    “I lost my cat “Sadie” in February, she had cancer. I’ve been devastated by her loss, but knew I had to grieve before I got a new …”

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  • Adoption Update – Vinny

    Adoption Update – Vinny

    “I had been looking to adopt a rescue after the death of my Wheaton. I was at ARF several weekends and worked with Greg a volunteer to find … “

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  • Adoption Update – Ella & Teddy

    Adoption Update – Ella & Teddy

    “Our story began when we adopted Ella (formerly Diane) from ARF 2 months ago. We learned very quickly that Ella … “

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  • Adoption Update – Kira

    Adoption Update – Kira

    “Kira is such a smart and adaptive girl! She learns from all the people and animals she meets. For example, she learned from my roommate’s chihuahuas to be a good watchdog, she learned from my cat to be gentle with the new kitten…”

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