Kira [formerly Indy] is such a smart and adaptive girl! She learns from all the people and animals she meets. For example, she learned from my roommate’s chihuahuas to be a good watchdog, she learned from my cat to be gentle with the new kitten (even when the kitten thinks Kira’s tail is a toy), she knows who she can steal food from without them noticing (she does it very stealthily; she will take a single chip out of my roommate’s open bag and take it to another room so she doesn’t get in trouble), and of course she picks up on new tricks very quickly.

I unfortunately have been diagnosed with a thyroid disease since adopting her, so it has been physically very hard for me to take her on long walks daily. It’s almost like she understands this, because she seems quite satisfied being my emotional support animal, going on little walks to the park/store, and the mental stimulation she gets from training, puzzle toys, and playing catch. (Yes, catch, not fetch. Lol!) I was very worried for a minute there about not being able to exercise a working dog enough, but she seems to be okay with not having a typical cattle dog job, and I think she makes a great emotional support animal/watchdog!! She is not destructive while I’m at work and her herding instincts have been manageable because she is so obedient.

Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to be this amazing dog’s dad. We are definitely best friends (unless she likes my cats more than me, lol). I’m sorry this was so long; I just need to talk to someone about how great she is and my friends must be starting to get sick of it!

– Dylan

“Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to be this amazing dog’s dad. We are definitely best friends.”

Dylan, ARF Adopter

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