On the heels of World Spay Day in February, and in advance of “kitten season” when we typically see a surge in stray kittens who often face major health obstacles, our veterinary team and dedicated Joybound volunteers spayed and neutered 82 unhoused, community cats from around Contra Costa county on Saturday, March 2nd. 

Dubbed “Caturday,” this was a day to celebrate the impact veterinary professionals make in saving animals’ lives and improving the health of our community cat neighbors. The benefits of spaying and neutering homeless animals extends beyond preventing euthanasia due to overpopulation in municipal shelters; it serves as a prime opportunity to raise awareness about how spay and neuter initiatives contribute to saving animals’ lives and eases the strain on overcrowded shelters.

Under the coordination of Feral Support Inc. and with leadership from Joybound’s Drs. Heather Budgin and Debbie D’Angelo-Loechner, our veterinary superheroes collaborated with eight cat advocacy groups to achieve this remarkable feat. Staff and volunteers from The Cat Garden Rescue, Feral Cat Foundation, Cat Support Network, Community Concern for Cats, Homeless Animals Response Program, Delta View Cats and Kim’s Nurturing Nest safely captured and transported the cats to Joybound where they were altered and treated by 14 vet technicians, five veterinarians (including one student) and nine volunteers. 

“This collaboration underscores our collective dedication to ease the strain on shelter systems and allows community cats to live happier, healthier lives,” said Dr. Debbie. “Our veterinary staff spay and neuter community cats each week, but having this dedicated day of impact for our beloved feline friends was truly cause for celebration.”

Cats undergoing procedures also received essential flea treatments and vaccines to ensure they have added health protection when released back into the community.

This heartfelt initiative was the second event of its kind that Joybound has participated in and more events will be held in the future. If your organization is interested in partnering in future Caturday Spay and Neuter events, please contact our veterinary team at [email protected].

If you’re interested in learning how you can help Bay Area community cats live happy and healthy lives, please contact [email protected].

Posted: 4/2/24

Last updated: 4/2/24

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