• Celebrating Caturday Spay (and Neuter) Day!

    Celebrating Caturday Spay (and Neuter) Day!

    On the heels of World Spay Day in February, and in advance of “kitten season” when we typically see a surge in stray kittens who often face major health obstacles, our veterinary team and dedicated Joybound volunteers spayed and neutered …

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  • Post-Operation Instructions and Care

    Post-Operation Instructions and Care

    What to Expect After Surgery The dog or cat may be groggy and lethargic up to 24 hours after surgery/anesthesia. This is a normal effect of the pain medication they were provided, but if these symptoms continue and the foster …

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  • Spay/Neuter Resources

    Spay/Neuter Resources

    The following organizations offer free or low-cost spay/neuter services. The requirements for assistance vary, so please review the requirements for each individually. These businesses/programs were compiled as a courtesy and are neither endorsed, nor guaranteed, by Joybound People & Pets. …

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