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  • Kittens Abandoned at Thrift Store are Hidden Gems
  • Happy Tails Adoption Updates
  • How Quick Action Saved Moss’ Life
  • There’s No Place Like Home for Pets in Need
  • Our Animals’ Holiday List
  • Good News for Garfield
  • Bruno Helps his Veteran Handler, Both Day and Night
  • Golden Retriever Puppies Defy the Odds
  • Guardian Program Gives Zoey a Fresh Start
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Tracy Gramata
  • Tell Your IRA to “Rollover”
  • Mel and Betty Finally Find Their Perfect Matches
  • Your Impact by the Numbers

“Here at ARF, we’re surrounded by superheroes every day.”

– Elena Bicker

Here at ARF, we’re surrounded by superheroes every day — from the Veterans we serve, to our Pet Hug Pack® therapy animals, to our incredible volunteers and staff, all the way to the newly-adopted pet who helps a grieving family heal.

Recently, we named a litter of puppies after comic book characters — some of whom even got a chance to pose with their superhero counterparts at a mobile adoption event. Little did we know that one of these pups would leap from the pages to change a young girl’s life.

After a traumatic incident involving two off-leash dogs, Charlotte had become fearful of dogs. Her parents were worried they’d never be able to welcome a canine companion into their family. However, after seeing our puppies online, the family decided to come meet them.

Charlotte’s family knew this wiggly, squirmy Anatolian Shepherd mix puppy would be a perfect fit for them, and — with a leap of faith — made the decision to adopt. With a new pup in the house, Charlotte began making strides in her confidence around dogs. It turns out puppy cuddles were her antidote and and it wasn’t long before the two became a dynamic duo. Her parents are thrilled Charlotte has overcome her fear. Now she asks to pet every dog she meets!

Animals seem to have a superpower in our lives — simply by being there for us. They pass no judgment, provide unconditional love, and give us purpose.
Our Pet Hug Pack® therapy animals undeniably have that superpower. Dedicated volunteers — two-legged and four-legged — have spent months relaunching this incredible program. Thanks to them, our therapy animals and their volunteer handlers are once again bringing healing to children, hospital patients, nursing home residents, and more people in need. You won’t want to miss this story on page nine.

With Veterans Day recently giving us a chance to recognize the brave men and women who serve in our nation’s military, we’d like to acknowledge some of those superheroes as well. Several Veterans from our Pets and Vets program recently made the trip to Las Vegas alongside Tony La Russa to share their incredible stories and the impact their dogs have had on their post-combat lives. You can read about Bruno and John — one of our inspirational Pets and Vets teams currently in training — on page six.

Finally, thank you for being a superhero! Your compassion and support are positively changing the lives of the animals and people we serve — giving them a new life chapter and heroes for their stories.
Thank you,

Elena Bicker, ARF Executive Director