The Stories Behind Our Vehicle Names

If you’ve seen our eye-popping, colorful Joybound vehicles rolling down the road and wondered about the names on the hood of each vehicle, rest assured there is a story behind each of these monikers. Each nickname is a tribute to an animal or individual who holds significant meaning to Joybound and we’re thrilled to introduce you to the heartwarming stories behind each of these names. 

Mobile Clinic Vehicle: Peabody
(aka the Stephen Ball Mobile Veterinary Clinic)

When it came time for the Joybound clinic team to choose a shorthand name for their vehicle that plays a critical role in providing veterinary care to communities in need, the answer was immediately obvious. 

“Peabody” is named for Jennifer Peabody, who served as a technician, supervisor, manager, administrator, and very dear friend in the Joybound Clinic for over 20 years. She saved countless lives, advocated for all her patients, and was a walking book of veterinary knowledge. As an administrator she helped pioneer software development, innovative programs like Community Veterinary Care (formerly Emergency Medical Fund), mobile spay neuter, and Veteran wellness. 

Everyone who knew Jennifer was inspired by her kindness and motivation to do more to help people and their pets. Naming the vehicle Peabody is a wonderful reminder that Jen had a part in almost every part of Joybound and helped to make it what it is today. 

To learn more about the profound impact she had on the lives of shelter animals during her life and her lasting legacy of love for pets, see here.

Mobile Adoption Vehicle: Mimi

Mimi’s smiling face on the back of our Adoption vehicle is bound to encourage even more folks to meet our adoptable animals at our mobile adoption events around town. This vehicle name pays tribute to Mimi, the beloved border terrier of Joybound’s cherished friend, Pat.

Pat and Mimi were inseparable. Mimi was not just a pet; she was Pat’s confidante and source of unwavering support. With her wagging tail and soulful eyes, Mimi brought joy to every moment they shared. Whether it was a walk in the neighborhood or curling up on the couch, Mimi was by Pat’s side, her loyalty steadfast. In return, Pat showered her with love and care. Mimi’s obedience and gentle nature warmed hearts wherever they went. She was more than a companion; she was family. Pat found solace in Mimi’s presence through life’s ups and downs. With each wag of her tail, Mimi reminded Pat that she was never alone. Their bond was unbreakable, a testament to the extraordinary connection between a woman and her beloved border terrier.

Community Solutions Van: Lightning

Our Community Solutions van pays homage to a little, scrappy black cat whose resilience and spirit highlights the ways in which Joybound’s community support programs impact lives, deepening the human-animal bond, and bringing a sense of security when hope feels lost.

Lightning and his guardian, Robby, met while they were both experiencing homelessness. As Lightning began to trust her new guardian and their bond deepened, Robby looked to Joybound to provide Lightning with essential veterinary care including vaccinations, microchipping, and spay surgery to help her thrive. Through our Pet Safety Net, we were able to make sure Lightning and her guardian had transportation to-and-from Lightning’s veterinary appointments.

Today, Lightning is happier than ever. Her story inspires us to go above and beyond in spreading joy and extending critical assistance that allows pets and people to thrive together.

Rescue Vehicle: Mel

Mel was an adorable pittie who came to Joybound via Friends of Alameda Animal Services. She suffered from intervertebral disc degeneration in her spine that restricted her mobility and prevented her from standing for long. With the help of medication and many hours of physical therapy, Mel’s mobility improved and she was ready to be adopted! 

Mel was a favorite among staff and volunteers and watching the days tick by as she continued to wait for a forever home took a toll on everyone, especially Mel. Just shy of her one year anniversary as a shelter guest, Mel’s long wait for a forever home caught the attention of a TV reporter from KPIX who featured Mel in a story to help spread the word about this amazing dog! Within a month of Mel’s television debut, her long and patient wait for a loving home finally came to an end when she was adopted. 

Mel’s journey teaches us the power of perseverance and reminds us that every animal deserves a chance at happiness, no matter the obstacles they face along the way. 

Shelter to Service Van: Maddie

Maddie and her guardian Jeff graduated from Joybound’s Pets and Vets service training program last year. Their journey through the program exemplifies the incredible ways the program touches and transforms lives, allowing pet guardians to live each day with a stronger sense of safety, security, and independence. Jeff says that Maddie “has been a lifesaver. If I didn’t have her, I don’t know where I’d be.” 

Maddie is an exemplary psychiatric service dog. In addition to providing constant companionship to Jeff, she is trained for medication reminders and anxiety mitigation, creates safety perimeters in public spaces, and finds objects such as lost phones or keys. She even knows a number of awe-inspiring tricks. 

Along with Jeff, Maddie helps to train other psychiatric service dogs enrolled in Joybound’s Shelter-to-Service program. The duo goes above and beyond to help prepare other dogs for a life of purpose and service, enabling other Veterans to experience the healing love that service dogs provide.