On Friday, March 8, the Joybound team quickly mobilized to respond to an emergency call from Hollister Animal Care and Services for assistance evacuating cats from a property with health and safety concerns.

Equipped with hazmat suits, our team spent the day helping to corral and assess dozens of cats alongside fellow animal welfare organizations and animal control personnel.

Our team brought back 11 cats to receive further care and to prepare them for the joyful futures they deserve. Many immediately began showing their sunny personalities with loud purrs and happily making biscuits.

These kitties – named after shades of green, as if to symbolize the fresh start on this next, brighter chapter of their lives – have been receiving expert care from our clinic, including fluids and x-rays, to ensure their health and happiness.

Our experienced team approached the scene with the safety of the animals as top priority. Once back at Joybound, they received the essential care and medical treatment they needed as they prepared to be adopted into loving families.

By supporting Joybound, you enable us able to take immediate action when emergency situations arise. Together, we can be there when animals need us most.

Update: Find out how one of the cats rescued from Hollister is doing post-rescue.

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