Since 2019, Joybound volunteer Mie has fostered 30 dogs. To her, fostering is a family affair along with the support of her dog-loving husband, Earl, and her resident Joybound-adopted dog: a 7-year-old, sweet Pit Bull Terrier mix named Momo. “In your life, animals are like therapy. It is good to have someone to take care of.”

Her current foster animal is Ember, an almost 4-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. In August of last year, Mie was asked to foster Ember to give him a break from shelter life and all its associated stresses. She happily agreed, and she and her family welcomed Ember into their hearts and home. 

In the early days, Ember was barely eating, couldn’t tolerate other dogs, and didn’t respond well to touch or loud noise. Mie and her family have all been devoted to creating an environment where Ember could feel safe, thrive, and learn new skills.

Even Momo has played a critical role helping Ember regain confidence and joy in his life, by showing him how fantastic mealtime should be! Under her tutelage, Ember began to eat with excitement again.

Mie also participates in reactive dog training sessions as a dog training assistant volunteer. Using the knowledge and experience she has gained there, she has worked tirelessly to desensitize Ember to loud noises. Now, even the garbage truck doesn’t frighten him! He is well-behaved on walks with canine companions and is always ready to hop in the car for a ride to his next adventure. His transformative growth is reflected in his bright eyes and sunny personality.

These days, Ember thoroughly enjoys a good belly rub by a passing stranger, loves playing with other dogs, and even attends mobile pet adoptions. He has come so far and is more than ready to find his forever home. To help with that, Mie has written a heartfelt letter to anyone who is interested in getting to know Ember a little better:

Dear potential adopter,

I’d like to tell you a little bit about a dog who is special to me: Ember.

I’ve been fostering Ember for several months — it’s the first time I’ve fostered an animal for this long. He is sweet and lovable. He’s energetic and playful. And he’s affectionate, too! He may be a little stressed in the shelter, but at home he has a soft, cuddly side and loves snuggling up on the couch with people. Ember gets along with more than just people, though! He also likes to cuddle and play with my dog, and with my friends and their dogs as well!

We don’t know when or where Ember was born, or what his life was like before he came to Joybound. But since I started fostering him, he has learned so much. He now knows some basic manners, such as sit, down, and stay. And he’s always ready to learn more! Ember is house-trained, which I know is important for adopters. But more than anything, he’s learned how nice it is to be part of a family.

If you have any questions about Ember, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. The Joybound team should be able to get you my information and I will happily answer as much as I can. I hope Ember can help fill your home with love, laughter, and great companionship like he has with mine.

Warm regards,

You can help Ember find his perfect match! Here’s how:

  • Share his story and profile on social media.
  • Tell your friends and family.
  • Contact [email protected] to make an appointment to meet Ember or learn more.

Bonus: Ember’s DNA test results are in… Can you guess what breeds came up? Stop by and we’ll share the results!

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