• Foster Spotlight: Mie & Ember

    Foster Spotlight: Mie & Ember

    Since 2019, Joybound volunteer Mie has fostered 30 dogs. To her, fostering is a family affair along with the support of her dog-loving husband, Earl, and her resident Joybound-adopted dog: a 7-year-old, sweet Pit Bull Terrier mix named Momo. β€œIn …

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  • Kitten Socialization

    Kitten Socialization

    Below, you will find a list of things kittens would benefit from being exposed to. For any foster animal that is 16 weeks or younger, we encourage you to keep this list saved for easy access. Make an effort to …

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  • Foster Quick Contact Reference Guide

    Foster Quick Contact Reference Guide

    Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays Holidays Foster Medical Questions or Concerns If you have medical questions regarding your foster animals, please email [email protected] or call (925) 296-3125 – Option 1 from the main menu, and Option 1 to …

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  • Crate Training for Foster Families

    Crate Training for Foster Families

    Make the crate a fun and happy place to be. Allow your foster to be able to access the crate whenever they want by keeping the crate in the space where your foster will be spending a lot of time. …

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  • Paws Press β€” March 2022

    Paws Press β€” March 2022

    Every month, the Paws Press eNewsletter provides updates on everything you need to know about the comings-and-goings at ARF. Sign up to receive inspiring animal stories, information about upcoming events, opportunities to help, and more!  Support the Most Vulnerable Lives …

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