“We got Wrigley from ARF on 6/22/18. My father-in-law just passed away 5 days earlier on Father’s Day. We had been looking for a dog. I randomly got online to look at ARF website and then randomly Word with Friends Word of the day popped up on my phone, it was CANINE!!! The whole family ran to the car on a Friday at 4 pm. A staff member at ARF told us about Wrigley as she was not in the windows. Wrigley came out to meet us on the grass. Shy, hesitant, so I sat on the grass, she immediately sat in my lap. My husband said, “looks like we are done” “she chose us”. Wrigley went to her forever home that night. Our lives are more joyful with her in our family.”

– Michelle

“Our lives are more joyful with her in our family.”

Michelle, ARF Adopter

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