One year ago, almost to this exact day, we adopted Bear from ARF. Our story starts off a little rocky, when we brought Bear home he had some serious anxiety issues – like eat the door frame and all the blinds when you go to the grocery store for an hour level of anxiety. Looking back we wouldn’t change a thing, over time, lots of love and building trust through training Bear has become an absolute integral part of our family. When our alarm goes off in the morning he jumps into the bed to snuggle for 30 minutes while we hit snooze and then gives us kisses to wake us up when the alarm goes off a second time making us smile first thing every morning.

Bear [formerly Gibbons] is our #1 companion when it comes to hiking, camping, band practice, skiing, family gatherings and so much more. Bear has just become our absolute best friend and brings so much light into our lives and others, he says hi to everyone and makes everyone smile – a complete 180 from the shy guy we brought home a year ago. We just love him so much and are so grateful to ARF for bringing him into our lives!

– Erin & Zach

“We just love him so much and are so grateful to ARF for bringing him into our lives!”

Erin & Zach, ARF ADopters

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