8½ years old, 30 lbs, Martinez.

Tonks is a sweet and silly mutt that would love nothing more than to curl up on the couch or bed in a blanket sandwich next to her favorite people. While she is not a dog that needs to be entertained, she would never say no to a walk, is a great on-leash hiking companion, and will play fetch in a pool. While she looks big in photos, she is just under 30 pounds and is easy to scoop up into your arms. She loves to greet her people at the front door with a toy in her mouth and tap-dance over to the couch for pets. Tonks is somewhat cat-like and aloof with new people at first, but warms up quickly with a few of her favorite treats and her loving and playful personality shines. While she is crate trained, she can also be trusted to nap on the couch while her owners are at work, and prefers to sleep under some blankets at your feet at night. She is well trained — beyond basic manners, she has some fun party tricks (figure-8s through your legs, playing dead to “avada kedavra”, shake, etc.) up her sleeve as well.

Health: Tonks has been a very healthy dog with minimal health concerns. She has environmental and food allergies that have been well-managed with seasonal anti-itch medicine and a prescription diet. She has had pet insurance with Embrace since she was adopted, which can be transferred to her new owner uninterrupted.

resource guarder towards other animals, which means that she will do things like growl and protect items that she thinks are hers. She has never displayed this behavior with people. While Tonks was raised around cats and other dogs, and previously done very well as long as food wasn’t part of the picture, she has recently started guarding resources like the couch, sticks, and her people. This has created an unpredictable inter-pet dynamic that has led us to keeping her separated. While we are heartbroken that we need to rehome her, we feel like this separation is not fair to her and is also not sustainable.

Tonks would do best in a home with no other animals. She has never displayed aggression towards people and has previously met children and done well. However, she has not lived with small children before and we do not know how she would fare with toddlers or infants. As mentioned above, she loves to go for a walk but is also great in a quiet environment cuddled up on a couch. She would ideally be placed in a home with a yard, to avoid frequent run-ins with other pups for potty breaks and for her to play fetch or frisbee. She knows how to swim and safely exit a pool with steps. She has lived with and without a dog door, and does well indoors while her owners are at work in either situation.

For more information about Tonks, please contact their guardian at (925) 260-0103.