4 years old, 58 pounds, Danville

We adopted beautiful Lala in September 2023 from Oakland Animal Services. Lala is a small, 58-pound pitbull made of PURE LOVE. She’s attentive, affectionate, and has shown to be trainable. She’s also house trained and likes spending most of her time lounging in the yard or inside with us. She doesn’t like long walks but is a big fan of playing with tennis balls.

Unfortunately we need to rehome Lala because she needs to be in a home without children, we have 2 young children who although nothing has ever happened, Lala has growled at them about 4 times in the time we’ve had her. The shelter we got her from mentioned she was neutral and okay when meeting other dogs, however due to her excitement when seeing other dogs we have not had her meet any without a muzzle as precaution. She’s an amazing dog and has a long wonderful life ahead of her, which is why we’re looking for her perfect match! Lala deserves so much love because she gives so much love!

After we adopted Lala, we discovered a cancerous tumor. Our amazing vet was able to remove the tumor and now she is totally cancer free! Lala will make a fantastic addition to the right home where she can thrive!

For more information about Lala, please contact their guardian at (415) 290-6968.