1½ years old, 11 pounds, San Francisco.

Say hello to Grape, the inquisitive and clever Siamese cat, always ready to charm you with his friendly and playful nature. 🐾

He’s always up for a play session with the occasional burst of zoomies. He is quite the chatterbox, expressing his thoughts with a meow or two. He’s a master at climbing to the highest spots and sneaking into the tiniest corners of the room. Plus, he’s litterbox-trained and has a hearty appetite. Grape has spent most of his time indoors, but he’s itching to satisfy his curiosity and explore the outdoors. He would thrive well at a home with plenty of space to roam, maybe even a backyard for his adventures. He’s a curious cat who enjoys both indoor and outdoor exploration. You’ll often catch him lounging by a window, keeping tabs on the world outside.

Grape likes being the sole furball at home, but with a bit of patience, he has the potential to warm up to other cats and dogs for some furry companionship. He’s got that perfect mix of friendliness and shyness, with a dash of independence thrown in. Sometimes, he’ll cozy up for cuddles on his own terms. But when he’s not in the mood for pets, he’ll kindly let you know with gentle warnings. He’s fine with a quick pick-up session, but he might start to get a bit fussy if it lasts too long. Given his playful nature, he’d thrive best in a home without young children.

Bonus quirks: he’s one smart cat! He’s mastered the art of sitting on command (when presented with treats, ha!), and he’s also a bit of a sneaky expert when it comes to opening doors.

For more information about Grape, please contact their guardian at (628) 236-9554.