• Living and Learning with a Fearful Dog

    Living and Learning with a Fearful Dog

    Living with a fearful dog can be an entirely new experience for even long term dog owners. There are many degrees of fearful dogs and your dog may slide up and down the spectrum depending upon their skills and the …

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  • Crate Training for Foster Families

    Crate Training for Foster Families

    Make the crate a fun and happy place to be. Allow your foster to be able to access the crate whenever they want by keeping the crate in the space where your foster will be spending a lot of time. …

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  • All About Crate Training

    All About Crate Training

    Choosing Your Crate Wire or plastic crates are better than soft sided crates during the training phase. A crate should be large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and stretch out / lie down comfortably but not …

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  • Alone Time Training

    Alone Time Training

    Low-Key Departures and Arrivals During the 10-15 minutes before you leave the house, strive for a calm, neutral atmosphere. Avoid grand gestures of hugging, kissing, or high energy play or petting your dog. It may be best to simply ignore …

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  • Getting Your Dog’s Attention

    Getting Your Dog’s Attention

    The Nothing Game Stand with the dog and simply do nothing … until the dog pays attention to you! Then you come alive and respond to the dog. In this game, the dog is rewarded for making a choice to …

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  • Puppy Socialization Chart

    Puppy Socialization Chart

    Little Puppy in the Big World Puppy Talk Knowing how to read and react to puppy body language will enable you to be smart about socializing your puppy. This puppy is shifting their weight and their ears are back. They …

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