Pippa, a 1-year-old bulldog mix, won over ARF’s rescue team at first sight during a recent trip to a partner shelter in California’s Central Valley. “As soon as Pippa saw us, she started doing her wiggly dance,” recalls Veterans Program Manager Amanda. “We couldn’t stop smiling around her!” In addition to being extremely loving with everyone she met, Pippa had all of the exceptional qualities our Pets and Vets team looks for when selecting aspiring service dogs for Veterans with PTSD, anxiety, traumatic brain injuries, and severe depression.

Amanda had just the Veteran in mind for Pippa: Rob!

When Rob and his family met Pippa for the first time, his daughter proudly stated, “We’re a family now.” Since being matched, Pippa is already making a difference. The first time they went to a pet store together, Pippa kept sitting on Rob’s feet, with Rob realizing, “She may already be sensing when I’m anxious.”

Over the course of the next year, Rob will work with Pets and Vets’ expert trainers to teach Pippa life-changing service dog skills, working towards her certification as a psychiatric service dog.

She may already be sensing when I’m anxious.

– Rob, Pets and Vets Client

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