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Wobbly Kittens Find an Extra-Special Home

In photo form, Nacho and Dorito look like a regular (yet absolutely adorable) pair of orange kittens. But if you saw them in person, you’d notice something unmissable: with every step, the two kittens wobble, tumble, and stumble like they’re on a boat in a stormy sea – a sure sign of a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. If you’d like to see how wobbly they are, you can view a video of them on ARF’s Facebook page.

Cerebellar hypoplasia is usually caused by a specific viral infection in a pregnant cat, which impacts the development of an unborn kitten’s brain. It doesn’t affect their lifespan, nor is it contagious, and it does not have a treatment. Wobbly kittens born with cerebellar hypoplasia simply grow up to be wobbly adult cats! Unfortunately, their lack of balance comes with many difficulties and a steep learning curve, so they still need special homes. 

Nacho and Dorito were two kittens of a litter of five, born to a lovely mother cat right here at ARF. While the mama cat was healthy upon arriving at our facility, it is now clear that she must have battled a viral infection earlier in her pregnancy. She gave birth in the comfort of an ARF foster home, and doted 24/7 on her adorable litter. It wasn’t until they were several weeks old that Nacho and Dorito began wobbling and showing signs of their condition.

By the time the kittens were four months old, the rest of the family had all been adopted (mom included), and this extra-special duo was in need of an equally special, new family. Rather than spending their important developmental months in a shelter, these playful, precocious kitties deserved to grow up in an environment where they can truly thrive. Thankfully, last Friday an adopter walked into ARF and it was love at first sight – Nacho and Dorito had stumbled right into her heart.

At many crowded, under-resourced shelters across the country, kittens like Nacho and Dorito wouldn’t be given the time they need to flourish. Their condition is too difficult care for and space is limited. But that’s not the case here at ARF. Will you make a gift today to ensure the next special animals who need us are able to receive the same care?

Join us for “Wandering” Wine & Whiskers

Our fabulous fall event is back – with a brand-new twist you won’t want to miss! Join us on Saturday, September 23 for Wandering Wine & Whiskers and explore ARF’s headquarters like never before as part of our immersive, rescue experience. You’ll step into a world filled with discovery, compassion, heartwarming encounters, and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of beloved animals. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned attendee, you’ll want to be part of this incredible evening. In addition to this new, behind-the-scenes experience, you’ll also enjoy local food and beverage tastings, silent auction bidding, and the pièce de résistance: encounters with furry friends. 

This event will sell out, so reserve your tickets early! From a unique date night to a fantastic evening out with friends or co-workers, Wandering Wine & Whiskers will be an evening to remember! We’ll see you on September 23 – our animals can’t wait and neither can we!

More Updates

Sit, Stay, Smile Photo Contest

If you have the cutest pet you know, there’s still time to enter our 4th-annual Sit, Stay, Smile Photo Contest. The top five dogs and top five cats will be featured in next year’s printed calendar, and the #1-voted pet will grace a can of beer from Del Cielo Brewing Co.! Entries and votes will be accepted until August 27. We can’t wait to see your photos!

August is Make-A-Will Month

Do you know where your pets would go if something happened to you? Just by including ARF in their will, members of our Guardian Program can rest easy knowing their furry friends will be in good hands. Learn more on our website or contact our Planned Giving Manager

Is Your Pet Therapy Animal Material?

If you want to share your pet’s super-special love with people in need, consider joining ARF’s Pet Hug Pack! Since 2002, hundreds of thousands of hospital patients, children, seniors, Veterans, and others in need have experienced the wet noses and unconditional love of these visiting therapy animals.

Adopt Ember

Ember, a super-sweet American Staffordshire Terrier mix, has been with ARF for more than a year and still hasn’t found a home. He’s playful, cuddly, and great with other dogs. Plus, his adoption fee has been sponsored by an admirer. Learn more about Ember and the rest of our animals available for adoption.