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Quick Action Saves Moss’ Life

Originally found as a stray wandering the streets just outside of Chico, CA, Moss arrived at our facility with a persistent cough. His gentle demeanor and perpetually-wagging tail showed signs of a happy, healthy dog despite his symptoms, which should have been easily treated with a week of antibiotics and time in a volunteer foster home. Unfortunately, testing revealed a much more severe condition lurking below: heartworm disease.

Heartworm disease is a mosquito-borne parasite that can be contracted by animals, most commonly members of the canine family – including dogs, foxes, coyotes, and wolves. If left untreated, a heartworm infection will cause fatal damage to a dog’s heart, lungs, and arteries. Treatment is effective, but challenging, requiring four months of special care ranging from antibiotics and injections to eradicate the heartworms. This is all capped off with severe exercise restrictions to prevent worms from traveling through the body and obstructing crucial blood vessels.

Luckily, our in-house clinic discovered Moss’ infection before it led to heart failure and lung disease. Once his treatment was underway (and the outlook was positive), Moss was officially deemed ready for adoption. Our team was smitten with his goofy personality and soulful eyes, and he found a dedicated adopter who fell in love at first sight. With more than two months left on his heartworm regimen at the time of adoption, he still returns for his follow-up treatments and says “hi” to ARF staff!

If Moss hadn’t made his way to ARF, the parasitic infection would have caused irreparable (and likely fatal) damage to his circulatory system. And he isn’t the only animal out there facing an uncertain future. Your gift today will ensure we can save the next dog or cat and put them on the path towards a happy, healthy new life.

Join the Pet Hug Pack®

Our renowned therapy animal program, the Pet Hug Pack®, is back and ready to provide love and fluffy snuggles to people who need the type of comfort only a pet can provide. Since 2002, these dogs, cats, and other four-legged friends (plus their volunteer human handlers) have visited hundreds of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, libraries, and adult care facilities throughout Contra Costa County ⁠— acting as ambassadors for ARF and the animal welfare community.

Every photo contestant will receive one copy of ARF’s aww-worthy 2023 calendar that features the 12 winners.

More Updates

Fun Upcoming Events

Join us for an ARF event! Submit your pet’s photo to the Sit, Stay, Smile Photo Contest. Love trivia, drinks, and cute animals? Attend Yappy Hour on Thursday, August 18. Or taste local wines, brews, and food while bidding on auction items on Saturday, September 17 at Wine & Whiskers!

Stay Safe in the Hot, Summer Weather

Temperatures are heating up, so here are some tips to keep your pet safe. When going on walks, check the pavement with your hand to see if it’s too hot for your pet’s paws, don’t forget to bring extra water, and never leave your pet in a car on a warm day. Remember to stay safe!

Emergency Preparedness

Last year, California experienced some of the worst wildfires in the history of the state. And with this year’s fire season already upon us, it’s essential to be prepared. Having a plan and a pre-packed go bag could make all the difference. Follow our tips here.

Adopt Kerr

Miffy ​is a sweet, senior cat who loves warm snuggles and is looking for someone who would love to take relaxing naps together. Learn more about Miffy and our other adoptable animals online, or meet them in person