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Learn about our Community Solutions (like FoodShare, Pet Safety Net, and Community Veterinary Care), plus additional resources in your area (pet food, vaccinations, veterinary assistance, and beyond). Our volunteers can offer help with pet-related issues including keeping or rehoming a pet, lost and found animals, low-cost services, and more.

Contact the Resource Center online or (925) 256-1273 ext. 450. Please allow up to five business days for a response.


Assistance Programs for Contra Costa County Residents

We believe the best home for a pet is the one they are already in, with familiar surroundings and a family who loves them. No one should have to choose between self-care and pet care, but sometimes the cost of care seems insurmountable. We offer several assistance programs to help.

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Vaccination Clinics

We offer free, monthly pet vaccination clinics at various locations in Contra Costa County!

FoodShare Pantry

Through FoodShare pantry, we supply free pet food to qualifying pet guardians.


Pet Safety Net

Pet Safety Net provides critical resources to prevent pets from being surrendered.

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Community Veterinary Care

Need affordable veterinary care? Discover the non-emergency services our clinic offers.

Spay and Neuter Clinic

Our clinic sterilizes thousands of dogs and cats each year using the highest standards of care.


Resource Library

Our Resource Library has tips, local resources, and answers to your questions about having a pet.

Goliath receiving medical treatment

Rehoming Hub

Rather than surrendering your pet, we can help them find a new home in the community.

Services for Veterans’ Pets

We have a variety of services for Veterans’ pets, including free, weekly wellness clinics.


Pet Loss Support Meetings

These free sessions help guide you towards peace and healing after the loss of a pet.

Qualifications for Assistance Programs

Pet Safety Net

  • Proof of Contra Costa County, California residency is required (CA state-issued ID, utility bill, etc).  
  • If you would, without intervention, be forced to surrender your pet(s) to an animal shelter due to a financial or personal crisis.

Community Veterinary Care

  • Proof of Contra Costa County, California residency is required (CA state-issued ID, utility bill, etc).
  • Pet must be spayed or neutered. If pet is not spayed or neutered, we offer discounted spay/neuter services if you qualify.
  • Proof you are the regular caretaker of the animal.

FoodShare Pantry

  • Proof of Contra Costa County, California residency is required (CA state-issued ID, utility bill, etc).

Additional Resources Available

Please explore the following pages on our site for additional resources for pet guardians. These organizations listed were compiled as a courtesy and are neither endorsed, nor guaranteed, by Joybound People & Pets. The requirements for assistance vary, so please review the requirements for each individually and contact the organizations themselves for the most up-to-date information.

Other Information

No Emergency Services

We are not able to assist with emergencies. If an animal is having a medical emergency, please call or go to your nearest emergency veterinary hospital for immediate assistance. 

Client Privacy Statement

We honor client privacy. We do not sell or give personal data to third parties for commercial purposes.

Animal Welfare Concerns

As a private 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we do not have jurisdiction to investigate or prosecute cases of animal abuse or neglect. To report animal welfare concerns or another animal emergency, please contact your local animal services department.

For most of Contra Costa County, please contact Contra Costa County Animal Services at (925) 608-8400. For Antioch, California residents, please contact Antioch Animal Services at (925) 779-6989.

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