Swift is a stunning black Pittie with a heart as warm as her coat. She’s a shining example of the breed’s friendly, outgoing nature. With her gentle disposition and boundless energy, Swift is sure to steal your heart. Swift is a social butterfly who loves meeting new people and making friends wherever she goes. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious, and she’s always ready to greet you with a wagging tail and a big smile. Swift’s friendly nature extends to everyone she meets, whether they’re two-legged or four-legged. She has a natural affinity for other dogs and enjoys spending time with her K9 companions, lounging around and playing games together.

This animal’s adoption fee has been prepaid by a generous donor!

Adopters must be at least 18 years old with valid state-issued identification. Joybound encourages family members to participate in the adoption process, especially children. Please visit Joybound website for information on adoption and to view more cute cats and dogs.

Primary Color: Black
Weight: 63.2
Age: 2yrs 8mths 0wks