1 year old, 45 pounds, Alameda.

Zana is a beautiful Dalmatian/Aussie Cattle Mix. She just turned 1 in Dec 2023. We took her in last Sept to help a family that could no longer keep her. She was kept mainly outdoors with very little training so we had our work cut out for us. We then figured out that part of the issue is that she is very hard of hearing. We have indoor trained her and crate trained her and use some sign language. She is potty trained but does have a fear of being locked outdoors again, she loves being indoors with the exception of her daily walks. We sadly can no longer keep her because our oldest dog and Zana are both pack leaders and do not get along. It makes life difficult to rotate dogs all day long. Being a pack leader dog she would need to be in a home where she is the dog boss. Our home is filled with 3 dogs and children aged 6 months – 14 yrs and she loves it so she would do best in a home with other submissive dogs and children. She is very active and silly. She chases her shadow, tail, and anything that catches her eye. She will sit on you and watch TV, dance with you, and give lots of kisses. Since she can’t hear she will sleep through most sounds but her other senses are very strong. She is very protective of her pack and worth noting she can jump very high. 

For more information about Zana, please contact their guardian at (510) 409-8315.