2½ years old, 78 pounds, San Diego.

Wolfy is a guard dog and he loves to guard. He is not friendly with other dogs and kids. So a home where his guarding and shepherding instinct can be used would be well suited for him.

Wolfy is also a family dog and he loves his family. He is house trained and he himself likes to keep room clean. He has not had any accident in the house from more than 2 years. He can easily be left alone in the house for 6-7 hours. He likes to cuddle with his humans and would not bark un-necessarily. He sleeps in the same room and he wakes up when his owners wake up. He is in general a silent, low maintenance dog who just needs his people around to be happy. He loves evening walks and sleeps for the rest of the time. He doesn’t like other dogs and is curious of kids. He has never been around kids and is reactive around them. A perfect home would be a house which has a lot of space to run and guard. He is a perfect guard dog and would give his life for his owner. He is obedient and follows basic commands like Sit, Stand, Eat, Drink etc.

For more information about Wolfy, please contact their guardian at (979) 985-7028.