3 years old (each), 16 pounds (each), Brentwood.

Meet Tank and Smokey, an inseparable bonded pair of cats who share an incredible connection and thrive in each other’s company. Tank is an orange tabby, while Smokey is a Siames mix. Tank, a highly intelligent and friendly feline, adores being around his people and his adopted brother Smokey. Tank’s outgoing nature steals the show, especially when guests are around. On the other hand, Smokey is a bit more reserved but warms up beautifully to those he’s comfortable with, enjoying their presence once trust is established. While Smokey prefers lounging around, Tank’s curiosity leads him to explore the outdoors, but just briefly before returning to a relaxing sunbath. Recently, Tank has faced health challenges with crystals, requiring prescription food and antibiotics. Despite improvements, occasional incidents of urinating outside the litter box persist. Unfortunately, financial constraints make it difficult to continue extensive veterinary care. As a result, we are seeking a loving home that can provide Tank and Smokey the care and attention they deserve, ensuring the brothers remain together in their forever home.

For more information about Tank & Smokey, please contact their guardian at (510) 875-0175 or (925) 852-7098.