Sue – 2 years old, 8 lbs, El Sobrante.

Meet Sue, a beautiful cat who was found cold and hungry in a sewer a couple months back. After searching for her owners it was clear that Sue was in need of help so we began to feed her outside for a while. We were able to trap and get her fixed but it was difficult to release her back out because she was always cold and alone with no other cats in the area. Sue has only been in the home for one month and has accepted minimal pets but will run and hide with loud or fast movements. Trying to integrate a cat who has possibly spent a lot of time without human company to a home will take more time than usual. Sue will need a lot of patience and a willing guardian who has time and the determination to get Sue to come around.

She has a room to herself currently and enjoys exploring it when she feels it is safe to do so. She plays with her toys and eats her yummy snacks when she’s alone. Sue is also really neat when it comes to her litter box. She uses her cat scratcher well and it seems like she may be interested in exploring more of the house however with a chaotic and busy home it is hard to let her do so. Sue will need a home where her new family can show her endless love, time, patience and willingness to allow her to take as much time as needed because it might take months before her true personality gets to shine. As of now she needs a quiet and calm home where she can feel safe and trust those around her.

For more information about Sue, please contact their guardian at (615) 569-1242.