11 years old, 10 pounds, San Francisco.

Shinjuku is an 11 year old tabby in perfect health, fully vaxed and spayed. We adopted her from the SPCA when she was 6 months old. Sadly, we are moving to a new apartment which is not pet friendly so we are searching for a new family to adopt our baby. She’s been an indoor/outdoor cat but knows how to use a litter box so is good with either. Shinjuku is the absolute sweetest. She’s very quiet. She eats like a ninja and only meows when she’s been accidentally locked out or when she gets her favorite snack – tuna! She never hisses nor has she ever scratched us or any of our guests over the past 11 years. Having said that, she doesn’t do well with other animals (she will hide under the bed until they are gone). But she loves a good pet from her humans! She will melt in your arms. She may even drool when being pet if her motor is really going! Shinjuku will surely fill your home with love if you give her a chance! She’s Japanese so she’s still got a long life ahead of her.

For more information about Shinjuku, please contact their guardian at (925) 522-1504.