6 years old, 16 pounds, Walnut Creek.

Roku is a handsome, loving, smart, curious, playful, funny Snowshoe (beautiful markings and blue eyes), born May 2017. He loves to run and jump and play and chase/be chased. He also loves to climb on his tower or nap in the sunshine. He eats both canned and dry food and loves his water fountain. He’s very healthy if a bit overweight at 17 pounds.  

I adopted Roku and his housemate Nina from Oakland Animal Services in October 2021. Nina settled in right away but Roku has had a difficult time.

They were listed as a bonded pair, but they are not. They lived together and were surrendered together, but Nina (who is half his size) tries her best to avoid him. I believe he needs a busier home with multiple people, perhaps with older children or teens, where he can get lots of attention and play time. He may do well with other pets who want to play and rough house, or as a solo pet with a solo person. He is “ok” in my current quiet home, but he deserves better! He will thrive with more activity and attention.

Roku is current on vaccines and dental and is microchipped.

For more information about Roku, please contact their guardian at (617) 721-7165.