4 years old, 40 lbs, Martinez.

Meet Ray, a loving and pack-driven dog who thrives on companionship with both humans and furry friends. Approximately four years young and 40 pounds, Ray is the perfect size and age for a devoted canine companion.

Ray finds immense joy in hanging out with his pack of humans, doggie friends, and even cat buddies. He’s a bundle of energy, especially when sprinting around, showing off his tricks, and enjoying the company of dogs his size or smaller. After an active play session, he relishes a good sunbath and a cozy snuggle.

This intelligent and active pup has some unique preferences and sensitivities. He would do best in a home without children due to recent adjustments with a new family addition, where he’s become a bit protective over the baby. When meeting new people, Ray can be a bit shy, he would prefer a little of space until he is comfortable with someone, and then at his own pace will allow some butt scratches.

Ray’s typical day involves activities like going to the dog park, enjoying long walks, and engaging in play. Despite his lively nature, he becomes a bit stressed on garbage day, preferring to skip walks due to the loud noises and trucks. In all other aspects, Ray is fully house-trained and is an amazing, gentle, and playful guy.

If you’re seeking a smart, active, and affectionate companion who understands the art of a good butt rub, Ray might be the perfect addition to your family. His loyalty, playfulness, and gentle nature make him a delightful furry friend.

For more information about Ray, please contact their guardian at (312) 399-9874.