2 years old, 55 pounds, Alameda.

Meet our adorable and playful puppy Moola! She’s bursting with energy and enthusiasm, always ready for a game or adventure. Despite her active nature, she’s incredibly gentle and submissive with other dogs, displaying curiosity without overwhelming them. After a visit to the vet, she received glowing reviews for her calm demeanor, making her one of their least reactive patients. Rescued from neglect, she’s thriving in her new environment and cherishes every moment of freedom and care. She craves love and attention, making her a perfect companion for someone with plenty of affection to give. Plus, she gets along well with other dogs and shows a friendly curiosity towards cats. Check out her adventures on Instagram at @moola_doggo_pup.

For more information about Moola, please contact their guardian at (510) 314-4803.