Mira – 2½ years old, 12 pounds, Walnut Creek.
Lucy Lu – 2½ years old, 12 pounds, Walnut Creek.

Mira and Lucy Lu are bonded sisters, loving and affectionate. They will be shy at the beginning but given time and the ability to let them integrate into the household at their own pace, they will soon shine and come to trust their new cat parent. Their playful and cutsy side will soon emerge.

They enjoy napping next to their person whether on the couch or the bed. They love to play and will bring their favorite toys with them as well as their new cat tree and cuddly beds.

They are up to date on all their vaccinations and just got a clean bill of health from their vet.

They had a wonderful, loving home and now deserve that again. Can you help?

For more information about Mira and Lucy Lu, please contact their guardian at (415) 225-0371.