2 years old, 9 pounds, Oakland.

Mamas wants nothing more than a family and a place to call home. We took this girl in after hanging around our house for a while – we caught her to get spayed and she chose to stick around after she recovered!

Mamas is incredibly sweet and affectionate – she’s happiest hanging out in the sun and taking a nap in a tall spot with a view. She likes people and will eagerly introduce herself to visitors. Mamas is wonderfully playful and enjoys when she gets to exercise her hunting instincts. She can be a bit of a chatterbox when wanting attention but is happy to keep herself busy most of the day. Mamas is comfortable roaming around outside but she seems to prefer hanging out inside.

Unfortunately, our dog is not a fan of cats and it affects our ability to let her enjoy our home. As such, we’re looking to find her a new home. We don’t know how she’ll react living with other cats, but she has not exhibited any aggression towards our dog. We’ve not seen her interact with any children.

For more information about Mamas, please contact their guardian at (661) 345-6546.