13 weeks old, 27 pounds, Emeryville.

Lotte is a very sweet puppy with a lot of personality already. She is very loving and just wants to be around you all the time. She already has a lot of energy and is very confident. She can be pretty nippy so you have to be patient with her and willing to teach her. She is very smart she knows to use a potty pad and occasionally has accidents. She already knows sit and is working on paw and stay. She sleeps in her crate and will go into it for naps if not napping with you. She is a very food motivated girl and gets very excited to eat and loves treats. She loves chews such as small bully sticks, beef tendons, and rabbit feet. She is up to date with all her shots and has flee and tick preventative, she is a really good puppy and we really would love to keep her and just want to make sure she goes to the best home possible. She is going to be a great dog and would do best with someone who is patient and has an active lifestyle. Would also love updates on her and how she is doing!

For more information about Lotte, please contact their guardian at (510) 393-0764.