Loki – 2 years old, 62 lbs, Richmond.

Loki is a very smart, very handsome boy. When he was first surrendered to us in January, he was very fearful of everything — if he tried to walk more than a few yards on a walk, he would get so scared he would completely freeze and not want to move. With lots of attention, love, and work, he has evolved into a different dog. He loves to go on hikes and chase balls, and he’s learned to sit, lie down, spin and more — as long as there are treats being offered! He learns new skills quickly, but is also very smart and sometimes thinks hard about whether a skill is worth doing for the treat. When he feels secure, he loves to meet new people and dogs, but is still learning to respect other dogs’ boundaries. When visitors come to the house, he’s very excited to make friends with them! But he knows not to jump (usually). We think he would do well in a house with another, slightly older dog who has more confidence and can show him the ropes. He is also still a bit anxious and alert, so a more relaxed house might be a good fit — though he gets along well with kids!

For more information about Loki, please contact their guardian at (510) 919-2221.