3½ years old, 43 pounds, Oakland.

Graham is a super sweet boy (stubborn at times) who loves to play all the time. He enjoys other animals but especially loves to stick close to his humans. He becomes very attached and protective of people. He is excellent with little children and grew up with my now 3 year old granddaughter climbing on his back. They are like siblings. Graham is smart and knows many commands although he needs constant reinforcement and outlets for his energy or he may ignore you. He talks back and sulks like a teenager. Since birth he has had skin allergies which require a special diet and allergy shots or he itches terribly and gets frequent ear infections. This will need lifetime management. Other than that he is healthy and active. He loves to run and retrieve. He likes hiking and swimming as well. He will do well with someone who already has a dog and/or is used to being active with a dog. Graham is pretty well behaved in the house. He is calm at home alone. He sleeps when I am away or when I’m resting. He does not chew or mess in the house ever. He’s not a counter surfer but if you leave food down he may eat it. He will bark protectively if someone is at the door or comes near. He will also bark in excitement when his favorite people come home. Graham is a little anxious in the car but it’s been getting better. He has beautiful curly hair but he does not enjoy the groomer or brushing.

For more information about Graham, please contact their guardian at (209) 767-2652.