3 years old, 55 pounds, Tracy.

Ginger is a 55 lb spayed Shepherd mix who loves people and loves getting as much attention from them as she can. She trains very well due to her eagerness to please. She makes a great sidekick, as she accompanies her current parents to work and other places daily. She loves to play tug and fetch, go on adventures, and will even watch tv with her parents.

Ginger loves people, but can be an anxious girl and is selective with other dogs. She has successfully lived with another dog at her current parents and bonded great; sadly her buddy passed away a few months ago. She can be protective of her family, and unfortunately has gotten in fights with other dogs that she does not trust.

Ginger would do well in a single pet home. She would do well with active, adventurous parents as she needs to be exercised daily. She has not been observed with young kids, but has never shown aggression to people.

For more information about Ginger, please contact their guardian at (209) 224-7834.