11 years old, 12 pounds, Walnut Creek.

Buddy is an 11 year old, brown/black domestic shorthair cat. He enjoys snuggling and sleeping on the couch nearby. He is exclusively an indoor cat. He is toothless but will gobble-up kibbles that have been softened with warm water or chicken stock. Buddy enjoys playing with his wand toy; he will chase after it, and very intensively pounce on it with his gums (he has no teeth) and grasp it in his front paws.  We play several times a day – he sets the time limits – we play when he wants to play. Buddy is litterbox trained and uses it every time… except once.  On this occasion he wanted ‘people food’ – which I do not feed him – and he peed on the newspaper that surrounds his litter box. Buddy is very friendly but can at times want his alone time. He will enjoy his pets and be purring but once he’s had enough he will move away and just groom himself. Buddy is very independent and hoping to find a home that can allow him to be himself while giving him the care and love he deserves.

For more information about Buddy, please contact their guardian at (925) 255-6006.