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Betty Heals Inside and Out

When officers from a municipal animal shelter first met Betty, she desperately needed help. She had been neglected and was heavily pregnant, yet her soft tail wag indicated she knew she was safe now. Betty gave birth to four puppies shortly after she arrived at our partner shelter’s facility. But crowded shelters put vulnerable, underage puppies at high risk for contracting life-threatening illnesses.

To protect the puppies, our shelter partner called us for help. Our rescue team brought the entire family back to ARF for evaluation and placed them in a loving foster home where the puppies could grow up strong and healthy. When old enough to be adopted, all of Betty’s puppies quickly found loving homes.

However, our team knew Betty needed extra time to find the right fit. She is very intelligent, loves to cuddle, and tires out quickly with a game of fetch, but when she first arrived, she pulled on her leash and overreacted on walks when she saw another dog.

Our expert behavior team immediately started dedicating time to training Betty using positive reinforcement techniques to improve her physical and behavioral health.

Paired with the consistent efforts of our wonderful foster volunteers, Betty has shown significant improvement and now enjoys walking with well-matched canine friends. She has come a long way and is an excellent representation of dogs who need support and direction to learn how to enjoy life. Yet despite the great strides she’s made, Betty is approaching 365 days in our care and is still looking for a loving home.

Your support provides Betty and other animals with medical care and guidance to overcome emotional obstacles. More lives can be saved with the proper care, training, and love that all dogs and cats deserve. You can provide the second chance they need – especially for the animals whose journey to a forever home takes a little extra patience.

Wine & Whiskers

Do you love wine? What about dogs or cats? Good news! You’re officially invited to our legendary, annual Wine & Whiskers gala on Saturday, September 17! 

As a Wine & Whiskers guest, you’ll enjoy an incredible evening of fruits of the vine from local wineries, tasty craft beer, delicious vegetarian appetizers from top East Bay eateries, plus fantastic auction items too dazzling to ignore. And as always, guests will be delighted by the welcoming, furry faces of our Pet Hug Pack® therapy animals, ready to thank you for supporting our lifesaving programs.

This one-of-a-kind event sells out every year, so don’t hesitate — reserve your ticket today!

More Updates

Puppy Socials

Bring your puppy to playtime! Join our skilled trainers for 45 minutes of supervised fun with other puppies aged 10-20 weeks old in a safe environment. Puppy socials teach impressionable, young pups valuable skills to help them grow into confident, playful adult dogs.


Are you passionate about animals? Volunteers help provide the resources and care animals in our community need to thrive! Many lifesaving roles are available to help people and pets in need through a wide variety of programs. Join our incredible team of volunteers now!

 Share Your Story

Do you share your home with an ARF-alum? We would love to hear how you fell in love with them or any updates on how they are doing! Has your cat been napping in an extra-cute position? Did your dog learn a new trick? Share your story, photos, or videos with us by submitting your pet!

Adopt Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a beautiful kitten who warms up once he has eased into his new home. He could spend all afternoon playing with a toy wand or running around with another kitten. Learn more about Santa Cruz and our other adoptable animals online, or meet them in person!