My Journey with Joybound People & Pets

Written by Vickie Eiges, Joybound’s Director of Corporate Partnerships

Seven months ago, the concept of the human-animal bond was foreign to me. Sure, I’ve had pets throughout my life — a constant source of joy, comfort, and companionship. But it wasn’t until I embarked on my new role as director of corporate partnerships with Joybound People & Pets that I truly began to understand the depth of this bond. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer with Joybound’s Community Solutions team at their vaccine clinic in Antioch. Despite my initial excitement, the looming cold and rainy weather threatened to dampen my spirits. However, as I arrived at the clinic and witnessed the lines of people eagerly awaiting our services, my apprehension gave way to a sense of purpose. 

Assigned to prepare syringes for the canine visitors, I was initially nervous. This was uncharted territory for me, but with the encouragement and guidance of my team, I dove right in. As I worked, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was experiencing my own “Grey’s Anatomy” moment — a surge of confidence mixed with a newfound sense of capability, and maybe a starring guest role on the show. I was having fun!  

The true epiphany came with the arrival of our first guest — a lovely, elderly woman accompanied by her adorable dog. As the team tended to their needs, the woman’s gratitude overflowed. From vaccines and a microchip to basic comforts like a new doggie bed and harness, she was overjoyed; a stark contrast to the sorrow she had experienced just the day before. She said she attended a funeral the day before and people were unkind to her. She went on to say how we strangers made her feel welcome and happy, and that she was overwhelmed by this. 

In that moment, surrounded by tears and hugs, I realized the profound impact of the human-animal bond. It’s more than just companionship; it’s about empathy, kindness, and the transformative power of love. Through Joybound’s mission of serving both humans and animals, I witnessed firsthand that what seem to be simple acts of service and compassion can bring healing and joy to those in need. 

As the day ended, my heart was full. The intensity of the human-animal bond had etched itself into my soul. Moving forward, I’m inspired to continue embracing this bond and spreading the message and the mission of the love and compassion that define it. 

In a world where connection is more important than ever, let us never underestimate the power of the human-animal bond. It’s a reminder that small acts of support and love can transcend barriers and bring healing to our hearts and souls.

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