• Adoption Update – Panna

    Adoption Update – Panna

    “Panna was found on the streets of Stockton, CA. She was plucked from the shelter by the wonderful folks at ARF. My husband spotted her ears on the adoption page and sent me her photo…”

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  • Adoption Update – Bear

    Adoption Update – Bear

    “I met Bear – previously known as David Gonzalez, on September 1, 2018. In his description, he was described as a big fluffy guy that loved attention and would “give paw” to get it…”

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  • Koda’s Journey From Shelter To Service

    Koda’s Journey From Shelter To Service

    During the pandemic, Koda, a 2-year-old pit bull terrier mix, was surrendered to a municipal shelter by his family…

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  • Adoption Update – Gus

    Adoption Update – Gus

    “Hello! We just wanted to send some holiday cheer your way. We adopted Strawberry Surfrider back in 2018 and renamed him Gus! He now has a little sister Lena as well…”

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  • Adoption Update – Penny

    Adoption Update – Penny

    “As I sit her on my couch watching my incredibly adorable Penny-Pennelope (formerly Sweet Tea) sleep cuddled in a blanket, I am overwhelmed by the gratitude I have towards ARF for connecting me with her 6 years ago…”

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  • Adoption Update – Toffi

    Adoption Update – Toffi

    “Toffi has been a great addition to the family! She loves to play with her favorite ball and has been the best hiking buddy on the weekends. She enjoys hanging out with her doggy friends…”

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  • Adoption Update – Murphy

    Adoption Update – Murphy

    “We named her after Murphy’s Law, also famously known from our favorite movie – Interstellar. On Jan 18th, 2020, we visited ARF for the 4th time…”

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  • Adoption Update – Joey

    Adoption Update – Joey

    “We adopted Joey from ARF almost two years ago. We think it’s fate because we went there on a whim, “just to look around.” Upon meeting Joey we had an instant connection and knew we had to bring him home…”

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  • Adoption Update – Nacho

    Adoption Update – Nacho

    “In May of 2017, My cat passed away with an acute illness, and my heart was broken. I walked into ARF and met gorgeous (he’s a boy!) and decided to take him home. He was friendly at ARF but very timid and shy since the car ride home…”

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  • Adoption Update – McCarthy

    Adoption Update – McCarthy

    “McCarthy joined the Cruz-Vind family in June 2019. We first saw McCarthy’s photo at the Oakland A’s Bark at the Park and FELL IN LOVE. We rushed to ARF the following day…”

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  • Adoption Update – Lacey & Bella

    Adoption Update – Lacey & Bella

    “We adopted Addison (now Lacey) and Audrey (now Bella) on June 5. I picked them up from ARF in Walnut Creek on June 5th. They were born on April 5. They were very sweet right from the start…”

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  • Adoption Update – Bear

    Adoption Update – Bear

    “One year ago, almost to this exact day, we adopted Bear from ARF. Our story starts off a little rocky, when we brought Bear home he had some serious anxiety issues…”

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